Source code for fiasco.util.decorators

Useful function/method decorators
from functools import wraps

from fiasco.util.exceptions import MissingDatasetException

__all__ = ['needs_dataset']

[docs] def needs_dataset(*names): """ Decorator for raising an error when the needed atomic data is not available. """ non_ion_datasets = ['abundance', 'ioneq'] names = [f'_{n}' if n not in non_ion_datasets else f'{n}' for n in names] def decorator(func): """ func is a method of `fiasco.Ion`. """ @wraps(func) def func_wrapper(*args, **kwargs): ion = args[0] for n in names: try: _ = ion.__getattribute__(n) except KeyError: raise MissingDatasetException(f'{n} dataset missing for {ion.ion_name}.') return func(*args, **kwargs) return func_wrapper return decorator