fiasco util


fiasco util#

Various package utilities


build_hdf5_dbase(ascii_dbase_root, ...[, files])

Assemble HDF5 file from raw ASCII CHIANTI database.

burgess_tully_descale(x, y, energy_ratio, c, ...)

Convert scaled Burgess-Tully [BT92] parameters to physical quantities.

check_database(hdf5_dbase_root, **kwargs)

Check if the HDF5 database exists, download the ASCII files and build the HDF5 database.

download_dbase(ascii_dbase_url, ascii_dbase_root)

Download the CHIANTI database in ASCII format


Return a dictionary of all CHIANTI data files, separated by category.


Decorator for raising an error when the needed atomic data is not available.


Parse the atomic number and ionization stage from representation of ion.


Parse .rc file and set ASCII and HDF5 database paths.

vectorize_where(x_1, x_2)

Find indices of one array in another

vectorize_where_sum(x_1, x_2, y[, axis])

Find all occurrences of one array in another and sum over a third