Ionization fractions in equilibrium

Ionization fractions in equilibrium#

This example shows how to compute the ionization fraction as a function of temperature, assuming equilibrium, for both a single ion as well as a whole element.

import astropy.units as u
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import numpy as np

from astropy.visualization import quantity_support

from fiasco import Element

<astropy.visualization.units.quantity_support.<locals>.MplQuantityConverter object at 0x7f5c98501c90>

First, create the Element object for carbon.

temperature = 10**np.arange(3.9, 6.5, 0.01) * u.K
el = Element('C', temperature)

The ionization fractions in equilibrium can be determined by calculating the ionization and recombination rates as a function of temperature for every ion of the element and then solving the associated system of equations. This can be done by creating a Element object and then accessing the equilibrium_ionization property. We can use this to plot the population fraction of each ion as a function of temperature.

for ion in el:
    ioneq = el.equilibrium_ionization[:, ion.charge_state]
    imax = np.argmax(ioneq)
    plt.plot(el.temperature, ioneq)
    plt.text(el.temperature[imax], ioneq[imax], ion.ionization_stage_roman,
plt.title(f'{el.atomic_symbol} Equilibrium Ionization')
C Equilibrium Ionization

The CHIANTI database also includes tabulated ionization equilibria for all ions in the database. The ioneq attribute on each Ion object returns the tabulated population fractions interpolated onto the temperature array. Note that these population fractions returned by ioneq are stored in the CHIANTI database and therefore are set to NaN for temperatures outside of the tabulated temperature data given in CHIANTI.

plt.plot(el.temperature, el[3].ioneq)
plt.title(f'{el[3].ion_name_roman} Equilibrium Ionization')
C IV Equilibrium Ionization

We can then compare tabulated and calculated results for a single ion. Note that the two may not be equal due to differences in the rates when the tabulated results were calculated or due to artifacts from the interpolation.

plt.plot(el.temperature, el.equilibrium_ionization[:, el[3].charge_state], label='calculated')
plt.plot(el.temperature, el[3].ioneq, label='interpolated')
plt.xlim(4e4, 3e5)
plt.title(f'{el[3].ion_name_roman} Equilibrium Ionization')
C IV Equilibrium Ionization

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